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what we do

  • Ecommerce strategy.

    We don’t make guesses or do things that feel nice, we dig into data and make informed recommendations, and then execute them at a high-level. 

  • UX + UI design.

    We combine data and strategy into a beautiful design that creates the foundation for a high-converting customer experience—while taking accessibility and site speed into account.

  • Custom Shopify development.

    We build your site to scale and evolve, redefining what's possible on Shopify.

  • Conversion rate optimization.

    After launch, we continue to perform comprehensive analysis and A/B testing to determine what changes are most effective in increasing conversions.

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Office Oasis’ website redesign helped combat Amazon competitors

  • Desktop conversion rate

    + 59%

  • new visitor conversion rate

    + 57%

  • mobile conversion rate

    + 62%

  • Google page speed score on desktop

    + 47%


Our improved design and CRO strategy for Turbie Twist

  • Monthly revenue

    + 54%

  • shopify site speed score

    + 61%

  • conversions

    + 87%

  • bounce rate

    - 35%

A desktop layout that used a basic theme template, which did not support a lot of information.
A desktop layout that allows for brand storytelling with conversion points and useful product information in an updated, modern design.

Migrating Tuft & Paw to Shopify 2.0

  • page speed on mobile homepage

    + 95.7%

  • page speed on homepage desktop

    + 119%

  • pagespeed on mobile PDP

    + 65%

  • page speed on pdp desktop

    + 91.7%

A desktop homepage layout featured multiple carousel components.
Incremental changes to the homepage produced a more targeted user path to best sellers.

We guarantee three improvements:

  • Improved conversion rates.

    With seamless UX and a cohesive UI, we can help you remove roadblocks that keep your customers from checking out.

  • Faster site speeds.

    A 1-second delay in page speed time can cut conversion rate by up to 7%. We can help you close that gap.

  • Compliant with ADA best practices.

    We’ll remove accessibility barriers to ensure all shoppers can access and interact with your website.

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