Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined1 It's time to up your email game

100% turnkey solution; As Klaviyo Professional Partners we help you take full advantage of Klaviyo's powerful automation capabilities, to increase sales, retention, and brand loyalty.

The average Klaviyo customer makes $75 for each $1 spent on email 2


"Fuel Made is well organized, structured, and systematic with their approach towards email marketing. They laid out clear expectations of the project, the timeline, and the results that would be expected. They constantly deliver on results and will fight through any hurdles required to be successful."

Eric Bandholz Founder, Beardbrand

Inked Gaming

"I highly recommend Fuel Made. The program they implemented more than doubled our capture rate and decreased our costs per capture. VERY IMPRESSIVE!

I knew email marketing was important but I kept putting it off. The investment in a turnkey solution from Fuel Made was well worth it!"

Thomas Pool President, Inked Gaming

Ritual Hockey

"Lisa and the team at Fuel Made exceeded all our expectations. After 5 months we've already seen a huge growth in customer registrations and recouped our project costs. We highly recommend Fuel Made for all your Email Marketing needs."

Nat Nelson Founder, Ritual Hockey

399% ROI

Cables and Sensors

"Fuel Made provides expert services in building Klaviyo flows that help us increase our business. They understand our needs and execute with little or no intervention on our side. It is like having Klaviyo experts on staff, without the associated costs."

Diego Orjuela Founder, Cables and Sensors

394% ROI


"Working with Fuel Made and Lisa Oberst has been AMAZING. Lisa had the best ideas for the different campaigns that would catch our customers' attention. She really did her research to understand our product and our market.

Thank you! We hope to work with Fuel Made and Lisa in the future and would definitely recommend their services."

Lisa and Jared Madsen Founders, MADSEN Cycles

327% ROI

Our Services

  • Grow your list

    Capture between 2-5% of your visitors with our custom-built lead capture system.

    About 98% of your site traffic leaves without buying. You put too much effort and money into bringing customers to your store, to simply let them slip away.

    We define your custom offer, create your lead-magnet and build your lead-capture system, all tailored to best reach your audience.

    Why you'll love it? Our system has been known to achieve a 10x Lead Capture rate.

  • Turn visitors into buyers

    Visitors who sign up to your list are telling you they are interested in your brand. It’s up to you to turn them into buyers.

    We help you engage with your new site visitors by sending high value content built to convert.

    Our system converts up to 9% of subscribers into first time buyers.

    Fun Fact: Subscribers who receive welcome notes show 33% more long-term engagement. 3

  • Increase your customer lifetime value

    Returning customers are 5x more likely to convert than first-time buyers. They probably represent one of your biggest untapped sources of revenue.

    We use Klaviyo’s powerful segmenting and personalization tools to connect with customers over the long-term and increase their brand loyalty.

    We analyze your store data to re-engage customers at optimal times and increase retention.

    The best part: Klaviyo's personalization increases clicks from 18% to 36%. 4

  • Recover your costs

    If you’re not recovering at least 10% of your carts - you’re throwing money away.

    On average, 68% of carts are abandoned. We've developed a highly effective system that will recover up to 16% of abandoned revenue.

    What to expect: Our system reminds distracted customers of their products, lets them know you're here to help, and recovers a large chunk of your abandoned revenue.

Our Approach

Our experts become an extension of your team. We dive deep into your business to build your customized email system.

With our turnkey solution, you can leave email marketing to us, while you focus on running your business.

  • Expert Team

    Our in-house designers, developers, and email marketing experts work together to create high-converting, on-brand emails using the latest industry best practices.

  • Data backed strategy

    We use Klaviyo's advanced data and A/B testing capabilities to better understand your customers and created your customized, data-backed email strategy.

    Did you know? Klaviyo tracks ROI and detailed customer behavior. You'll know exactly what products your customers viewed or purchased, how much revenue emails generated, and much more.

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