We are an agency focused 100% on the Shopify platform

Our specialty is premium Shopify design, development and advanced email marketing using Klaviyo. When you hire us, you get the personal, devoted attention of our talented team working to help you achieve your goals.

Our Approach

We’re passionate about doing work that engages visitors and converts them to sales. We create innovative solutions to elevate brands, position them for growth and that are built to scale. As avid students of ecommerce, we understand the pains, struggles and challenges of the industry. We care deeply about our clients’ success and we’re honored to contribute to the success stories of our family of multi-million dollar revenue clients.

  • Carson McComas


    The face and founder of Fuel Made, Carson has been working in the ecommerce world since 1999 (a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth and used Yahoo Stores to sell their giant toothpicks). Having built his own ecomm platform back in the day, he can truly appreciate the power and flexibility of Shopify to power our clients’ sites. He's been "Shopify Official" as a Partner since 2010. He's pretty passionate these days about pushing his clients toward meaningful growth, and is lucky to have the rest of this crew around to help make it all happen.

  • Rick Murt


    Rick Shopify Murt (he legally changed his middle name, and we were just thrilled) is one of the original Shopify experts. Leading innovation in wholesale capabilities and strategies, Rick is our go-to for advanced applications and extensions of the platform we all love. Something of a machine, located in Seattle and fueled entirely by Monster Energy and Sour Patch Kids, Rick is a wonder to us all.

  • Ashley Pair

    Project Manager

    Ashley is our backbone, our quality control, and our pulse. Running day to day operations and managing projects for our clients is no small feat, but Ashley makes it look easy. She’s wrangled brands like American Apparel and is always the first to roll up her sleeves and get to work. Driven by results and dedicated to client experience, she’ll shoot straight and keep you on track—and she delivers every single time.

  • Lisa Oberst

    Marketing Specialist

    Increasing our collective cool factor by at least 400%, Lisa comes to us originally from Belgium and France. The brain behind Beardbrand’s massively successful email marketing campaigns (up to 961% ROI!), Lisa’s expertise packs a true punch to our client’s bottom lines. Few things excite her more than using Klaviyo automated systems but skateboarding is a close second.

  • Marianne Do


    Fuel Made’s secret weapon, Marianne is our resident rockstar developer (literally). She’s passionate about delightful user experiences and client satisfaction, and works tirelessly to achieve both each day. Don’t let her fool you—she’s a force to be reckoned with, crafting elegant solutions under the hood of your site and recording music with her band in her free time.

  • Laura Kluz


    When it comes to grit and endurance, we suspect Laura’s got plenty of both. Surviving cold winters without sunshine and 3-day long runs through the wilderness, our beloved Canadian marketer stays warm by working closely with the Fuel made team. With a background in journalism and an inherent love for storytelling, we count on Laura to study our processes, share our journey, and identify new opportunities for growth. When it comes to Shopify—and the Great White North—Laura knows the lay of the land and gets us where we need to go.

  • Megan Gray


    If you want a meeting to take twice as long, invite Megan. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll leave with a bunch of new ideas. Megan’s background in copywriting, branding, and visual design combined with her passion for the success of small businesses make her an unstoppable creative force. She likes to bring fresh ideas and big vision to any project she touches.

  • Alec Lomas


    Meticulous and detail oriented, nothing gets by Alec. With a good eye for design, he brings a unique perspective to development challenges and is keen on the extra polish. He’s a stickler for great user experience, and a true craftsman with code. Though we constantly fear losing him to sandstorms in Arizona, Alec shows up everyday ready to solve our clients’ problems in new, innovative ways.

  • Erin DeCesaris

    Growth Strategist

    Erin is our voice of reason and steady hand, a great fit to head up our Strategy offering. A veteran in the ecomm world, leading strategic growth for brands like CVS/Caremark, Wayfair, and eBags, Erin brings nearly 10 years of experience to every project. She spends most of her time moving mountains for clients, but when she’s off duty, she climbs them for fun in Colorado.

  • Tara Avery


    Tara, Queen of the Memes, is a highly skilled UX designer who brings 5 years of agency and Shopify experience to Fuel Made. A true force in the ecomm world, she’s designed for brands like MVMT and Stash Tea. Based in Los Angeles, Tara is always up with the latest ecomm best practices and trends to bring a results-driven, finely tuned approach to each project.

  • Cory Schulz


    Cory is one of those rare geniuses who’s been in business before there was a business. As a teenager, he built computers for his friends from found, spare parts and now uses that skill to solve complex ecommerce problems with unique technical solutions. He’s got his finger on the pulse of Shopify best practices, and the current value of Bitcoin. We trust him completely with both.


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