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Office Oasis’ website redesign helped combat Amazon competitors

  • Desktop conversion rate

    + 59%

  • new visitor conversion rate

    + 57%

  • mobile conversion rate

    + 62%

  • Google page speed score on desktop

    + 47%


See BK Beauty’s welcome flow improvements

  • discount follow-up email CTR

    + 26%

  • first Welcome email placed order rate

    + 118%

  • discount follow up email placed order rate

    + 36%

  • welcome flow conversion rate

    + 13%

A promotional email features a basic headline: Enjoy 10% off site-wide savings with code.
A promotional email updates the design to break the message up into a clear hierarchy and add an extra offer: Upgrade your routine with 10% off your first order and a free beauty sponge.

Our improved design and CRO strategy for Turbie Twist

  • Monthly revenue

    + 54%

  • shopify site speed score

    + 61%

  • conversions

    + 87%

  • bounce rate

    - 35%

A desktop layout that used a basic theme template, which did not support a lot of information.
A desktop layout that allows for brand storytelling with conversion points and useful product information in an updated, modern design.

Our holiday email and SMS strategy for Smidge

  • campaign orders

    + 182%

  • campaign revenue

    + 194%

  • unique opens

    + 215%

  • open rate

    + 2X

A holiday-themed email from a supplement brand promoting gift cards as last-minute gifts.
A holiday message thanking customers.

Migrating Tuft & Paw to Shopify 2.0

  • page speed on mobile homepage

    + 95.7%

  • page speed on homepage desktop

    + 119%

  • pagespeed on mobile PDP

    + 65%

  • page speed on pdp desktop

    + 91.7%

A desktop homepage layout featured multiple carousel components.
Incremental changes to the homepage produced a more targeted user path to best sellers.

How we increased Super7’s abandoned cart conversion rate

  • Return on investment


  • click-through rate

    + 1.2X

  • open rate

    + 177%

  • conversion rate improvement

    + 165%

A simple abandoned cart message says: You've left something important behind. Better retrieve it before someone else does, no? Return to cart.
The abandoned cart message now uses more compelling copy:

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  • design + development

    Turbie Twist

    Turbie Twist saw an 87% increase in conversions by adding clear product education and content hierarchies.

  • Email Marketing

    BK Beauty

    How the right discount follow-up increased BK Beauty’s placed order rate by 36%.

  • Design + Development

    Tuft & Paw

    Migrating to 2.0: how we improved Tuft & Paw’s homepage speed by 95%+ on mobile.

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