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Increase the revenue you get from the traffic you already have.

Get a CRO audit with fully designed mockups from a team that has over a decade of ecommerce experience. (Hi, that’s us. 👋 )

Our data-informed recommendations give you actionable steps you can take today.

Improve Your

Conversion Rate

Average Order Value

Customer Lifetime Value

Example Optimizations


Why have us audit your site?


Get more money from your existing traffic.

A simple and potent antidote to turmoil from iOS updates, increasing ad rates and declining ROAS is to make more money from the traffic you already have. Plus once you make the updates, they continue to benefit you even after we're gone.


Get an outside perspective

You’re probably too close to your business to see it from the perspective of a new shopper. We’ll bring fresh eyes and ideas to help you close more sales. (Plus this is what we do all day… and, we’ve seen some stuff.)


Uncover new design and UX opportunities

We’ll dig into your data and see how shoppers are moving through your conversion funnel, then make recommendations on how to plug any holes.


Get actionable direction with full Figma mockups for your team to implement

When we’re done you’ll have everything you need to put your developers to work making the updates to your site.

“In the last month, our new Shopify store has performed wonderfully. We hit a major sales record and continue to see Conversion Rate improvements, higher than what we ever had.”

We’ve (dramatically) improved KPIs for these amazing brands.

Braxley Bands
milk_shake hair
Spicy Ice
Bella Notte
Satchel & Page
Velour Beauty
Keymaster Games
Turbie Twist

Detailed Optimization Reports



Menu Icon Placement

Clear up some of the clutter on the nav bar by moving the menu icon into the top left corner, where it’s often expected. The currency selector gets little engangement, consider moving it into the menu.

Allow Users To Shop By Device

Create a secondary path to discovery. New users might be unfamiliar with the differences between the cases, but will know which phone they have.

How it Works

Step 1

Provide access to your analytics, and fill out an onboarding questionnaire.

Step 2

We’ll do an in-depth analysis then prepare your report and mockups.

Step 3

We’ll hop on a Zoom call and talk you through it.


How Live Bearded improved their conversion rate by 40%.

With a customer-first mindset, the Live Bearded team was looking for ways to make it easier for shoppers to explore and purchase products.

To help them shorten their conversion funnel, we turned their original cart page into a slide-out drawer cart with additional iconography and trust-building information.

They recouped their investment with us within a few weeks.
"You guys are literally the best!"
Anthony Mink
CEO, Live Bearded

Use a drawer cart to encourage quick checkout & reduce clicks.

Testing Opportunity: Increase AOV by allowing direct add to cart for similiar products.

We optimize ecommerce websites all day, every day.

You’ll get an experienced, senior-level team bringing their considerable expertise to optimize your site for conversion.

Director of Web Operations
Ecommerce Growth Strategist
UX and Visual Designer
Shopify Developer

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