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As awareness grows regarding the diverse needs of online users, website accessibility is becoming increasingly important. Governments and organizations worldwide are recognizing the need for more inclusive online environments. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) serve as benchmarks for creating websites that are more perceivable, operable, and understandable.

Despite all the progress being made, many websites still struggle to meet these standards. A holistic approach is necessary, encompassing not only adherence to guidelines but also a commitment to user-centric design, development practices, and continuous improvement.

At Fuel Made, website accessibility isn't just a checkbox—it's our expertise, commitment, and social responsibility. We specialize in making online experiences more inclusive, ensuring that anyone can seamlessly engage with your website. Our mission is to help brands embrace this responsibility by optimizing their digital storefronts to be as welcoming and functional as possible for all.

Approximately 25% of the US population lives with a recognized disability. These users often rely on online shopping due to the inaccessibility of physical spaces, so they shop online twice as often as the rest of the population. But 65% of consumers with a disability have abandoned a purchase due to poor accessibility. Morgan & Stanley predicts a near doubling of the ecommerce market by 2026, projecting that 27% of all retail sales will be ecommerce purchases.

Accessible sites designed by Fuel Made
Accessible sites developed by Fuel Made

Our expertise:

We are experts when it comes to ADA guidelines and the critical best practices that elevate website accessibility. Our comprehensive approach focuses on addressing key areas, empowering your digital presence to meet WCAG 2.2 AA success criteria.


We emphasize semantic markup, proper coding practices, and assistive technology-friendly interfaces to resolve accessibility issues. This helps foster a more inclusive ecommerce experience for all users.

Coding example

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Our design principles prioritize user-friendly elements, ensuring adequate button sizes, clear visual indicators, and contrast levels that accommodate diverse user needs, addressing visual, motor, and cognitive disabilities.


We advocate for resizable and legible text, logical header sequences, and text alternatives for visual elements, helping your content remain consumable across various devices and for users with different abilities.

A color palette we created to help a client with ADA compliance
Text to fit WCAG 2.2 guidelines


We optimize for mobile users by enabling screen rotation, enhancing button usability, and ensuring seamless scrolling experiences.

Manual testing:

Relying on overlays may not fully address the complexity of accessibility requirements. Our team’s manual testing practices will catch issues that automated tests often overlook. 

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By partnering with Fuel Made, you're prioritizing inclusivity and user experience. Our team offers expertise, resources, and an accessibility checklist to guide your journey toward a more accessible site.

Together, let's transform your website into an inclusive space that welcomes all users, fosters engagement, and reflects your commitment to digital equity.

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Disclaimer: Fuel Made provides services to help clients address accessibility considerations. However, given the complex legal nuances and the lack of specific interpretations for ecommerce platforms, we cannot offer certification. We recommend consulting with a legal expert specializing in ADA compliance to ensure your site meets all necessary requirements.

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