6 email marketing projects that made our “favorites list” this year

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In 2021, we seriously ramped up the email marketing side of our agency. 

We worked with 25 amazing brands, recruited a world-class team, and created tons of content to help other ecommerce businesses level up their email game (like our email inspiration page, for example)!

It’s never a dull moment here, especially when working with brands that let us explore creative design and copy ideas. And we’re going to show that off in this article. 

I asked our email marketing team to tell me about their favorite projects they worked on this year. Here are the top 6 they picked.

1. Green Philosophy 

If you’re looking for adorable decor for your office, bedroom, or living room, Green Philosophy is exactly where you should look. 

The company’s goal is to help bring the soothing effects of nature into the home so everyone can create a space that promotes their well being. This means everything is inspired by natural greenery—think leafs and succulents as pillows and blankets. 

Now that we’ve established the brand’s products are cute, you should check out their emails. We may be a little bias, but they definitely have the same vibe. 

Using popular memes, succulent puns, and bright colors, these emails are engaging and show off Green Philosopy’s products well. (Click to enlarge the photos below.)

2. Satchel & Page

When we started working with Satchel & Page, they needed help creating completely new branding and brand guidelines. This was an exciting opportunity for our graphic designer, Lauren. 

“In my experience, it’s rare to work with a company with such a high-end product with almost non-existent brand guidelines. I was so excited about this project because I felt like the door was wide open to really elevate and define their brand,” she said. 

When I asked Lauren what emails were her favorite to create this year, these were the examples she pulled (click to enlarge): 

“I wanted to create a high-end aesthetic with a touch of masculinity and a slight nod to vintage style to reflect the old-school way these bags are made. I think the designs came out great, and now the web team is creating a whole new website for them based on the new branding!”

- Lauren, Graphic Designer

3. Braxley Bands

We’ve been working with Braxley Bands for almost two years. First, we designed and built a brand new website for Braxley Bands in 2020. After launching, the Braxley Bands team continued working with our email marketing team to drive more engagement on their owned marketing channels. 

“Since we started working with Braxley Bands last summer, they have been my favorite client to write for. Their young, fun brand voice gives me the opportunity to push my boundaries (AKA get weird),” said Kate, our amazing copywriter and meme expert.

Here are a few notable campaigns from this year: 

“My objective is to make the customer forget they're reading a marketing email. Instead, I try to entertain the reader and make them laugh using memes, GIFs, and silly references. I don't feel the need to sell the product directly at all times because building a relationship with the customer through humor does that naturally.”

- Kate, Copywriter

4. Keymaster Games 

Keymaster Games publishes board games with captivating experiences and elegant designs. Not only was Keymaster a favorite project this year on our web team (we just built them a beautiful, brand new website that launched in November), but they made the favorites list for our email team too.

Keeping the branding consistent between the website and their email campaigns and flows, we use the same bright, green color pallet and feature copywriting that makes subscribers feel like they’re embarking on an adventure. 

5. Kris Nations

Kris Nations is a great example of a brand with beautiful, fun email designs and creative content, and that’s why they’re one of our favorites to show off! 

“The emails we create for Kris Nations are quirky, original, and fun—the voice, tone, and the design combined create a beautiful end result,” said our project manager Hayley. 

Just check out the vibrant colors in these examples to see what we mean:

“It's really fun to build and setup the email and SMS campaigns for Kris Nations because there's always a lot of creative copy, playful designs, and unique GIFs! It's a neat experience to see how everything comes together during the creative process.”

- Ansley, Email Marketing Expert

6. Tomlinson’s Feed 

Last but not least is our favorite pet care brand, Tomlinson’s. As a brand specializing in pet food, toys, treats, supplements, and supplies, we had so many opportunities to add adorable furry friends to the emails we created for Tomlinson’s. 

For this kind of brand, education is important for helping customers find what they need for their pet. This was a big focus in a lot of our campaigns. 

We also used a pop-up on Tomlinson’s website to learn which customers are dog owners versus cat owners (or other pet owners). Then, we segmented their audience so we only send relevant recommendations and education to each type of customer. 

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