Capturing conversions with just a few words

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Conversion Rate Optimization

We built WANDRD’s website to drive conversions by capitalizing on the brand’s unique products and passionate customer base. Our strategic design has helped communicate the value of WANDRD’s bags to a larger audience. We’ve also been able to give users a quick path to products that best suit their needs.

Since we launched the site, WANDRD has continued partnering with us for ongoing CRO work. Some of our standout test results came from simple changes that harnessed big results.


  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Custom Shopify Development

Ready to level up?

Test #1: More bundles, higher AOV

The WANDRD PRVKE bag has a robust “upgrade” section, where users can upgrade from the basic pack to a bundle with accessories. The hypothesis was that users would be more likely to engage with the bundle upgrade products (and ultimately spend more per visit) if they have to view the bundle section before getting to the add-to-cart button. So for the test, we moved the ATC button below the bundle upsell section.

The original design:

The new design:


The variant (moving the ATC button below the bundle upgrades) had a 13% higher conversion rate, and the average order value was $10 higher

The winning variant is now rolled out to all users.

Test #2: Increasing CR with just a few words

It’s important to highlight any unique value proposition that a brand offers. For WANDRD, one of these value adds is fast shipping on all orders (2-3 days). Since users appreciate transparency when it comes to shipping, we tested adding a shipping speed message to their drawer cart. 


We found that adding this message increased conversion by 9%, and added an additional 6% in revenue per visitor. A key takeaway from this test is that users just want to know what to expect when it comes to shipping, even if it isn’t free.