Data to design: CRO recommendations for Kris Nations’ product pages

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Conversion Rate Optimization

To turn potential customers into buyers, a well-designed product page is crucial, which includes presenting important information in a scannable, easy-to-digest format. Yet, this can be challenging to balance, and it’s easy to end up overwhelming buyers with information overload.

Rather than deleting all information from your product pages, the solution is to format each section properly and highlight important context in expected locations for shoppers. Our expertise lies in finding better ways to format information on product pages, so we assisted Kris Nations with this task.

Kris Nations is a jewelry brand founded by two sisters, Kim and Kris. Seeing an opportunity to convert more of the traffic their website was getting, they approached Fuel Made to get a CRO audit with fully designed mockups. 

Our CRO team kicked off the project by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the Kris Nations website on mobile and desktop. We reviewed heat maps, data from Google Analytics, Shopify metrics, and more to identify areas for improvement. 

What changes did we suggest? We audited several pages, and we’re going to show you some of the recommendations we made.

What We Worked On

  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

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Recommendations above the fold

Thumbnail images: Right away you’ll notice the new version uses thumbnails instead of indicator dots to show off the product images. Usability studies have shown that using thumbnails instead of indicator dots is easier for customers to engage with on smaller screens. This is because thumbnails provide a visual cue that the user can easily tap or click on to see the corresponding product image.

Arrow indicator: When it comes to navigating an image carousel, swiping can be a bit of a hassle for some users. Especially those who rely on assistive technologies. That's why we recommended adding arrow buttons to the mix. This not only makes the experience more intuitive but also improves accessibility. So anyone can enjoy the content without issue. 

Product reviews: Previously, reviews were situated quite low on the page, which meant users had to put in some effort to access them. We suggested moving them closer to the price for convenience. Kris Nations can include anchor links to make it easier for users to jump straight to the full reviews section if they want to read more. This tweak not only enhances the user experience by making reviews more accessible but also allows for more flexibility in placing additional content above the reviews section.

Colors and variants: On the original PDP, the color and finish variants were presented as text-only options. But let's face it, that doesn't always do justice to the actual product. That's why swapping out the text-only options for colorful swatches is a game-changer. Now shoppers can easily match up the variant name with the exact color they see in the product images.

Ways to improve readability for product details

Left-aligning content: Take a look at the "before" image and notice how the copy is smack dab in the center. It's not the most user-friendly layout because it makes it difficult for people to find what they need at a quick glance. That's why we made a change to the recommended "after" picture by left-aligning the content. It's a much more intuitive layout that follows the natural reading pattern for Western languages.

Content below the add-to-cart button: There was a significant amount of long-form content placed above the Add to Cart button on Kris Nations’ original PDPs. While this content is informative and helpful for users, it can be overwhelming and prevent shoppers from making a quick purchase. This can easily be moved below the product title to a Product Details tab, allowing users to quickly scan the page for the key benefits of the product and determine if it is right for them without being forced to read through the long-form text.

Direct conversion improvements

Shipping information: We understand that shipping is a big concern for customers. That's why we recommend making sure the shipping and returns policies are clearly reiterated near the "Add to Cart" button. Sometimes users can miss important information listed elsewhere on the page, like promotional banners. By doing this, you can help reduce cart abandonment rates.

Upsells: To help increase Kris Nations' average order value, we mocked up an upsell section closer to the main product form, making it easier for users to purchase coordinating items along with their main product.

For example, on the Chill Pill necklace page, the website could show the Chill Pill bracelet and earrings as coordinating items in the upsell section. This can help increase sales for both the main product and the coordinating items, while also improving the user experience by making it easier for customers to find and purchase what they need in one place.

These are just a few of the recommendations we shared with Kris Nations. The overall report was 50+ pages—full of improvements backed by data. 

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