How a change to Premama's discount follow-up email drove a 33% placed order rate increase

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Premama, a supplement brand catering to women throughout their pregnancy journey, recognized the importance of optimizing its email communication to engage and convert potential customers. With a focus on nurturing customer relationships and capitalizing on its discount offering, the brand sought to enhance the effectiveness of its follow-up emails. The team at Premama decided to hire Fuel Made to make this happen.

Our team kicked off a full-service email marketing project—creating and optimizing all flows and campaigns. One particular flow that saw a significant improvement was the discount follow-up email, driving a remarkable 33% increase in placed orders. Let’s look at how we achieved this for our client.

What We Worked On

  • Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Visual Design
  • List Growth
  • Full Service Email Marketing

Before Fuel Made

At first glance, you’ll notice the email is quite generic, highlighting “The FOMO was real” part instead of the discount. The colors are also off-brand for Premama, which is known for its bright, pastel colors. 

Now let’s talk about the tone of the email. The copy comes off as snarky, especially at the part saying “here’s another shot at 15% off.” Part of our goal was to use a more welcoming tone in the updated version.

Additionally, the main CTA (the button) that drives users to Premama’s site is below the fold of the email, meaning potential customers would have to scroll down in the email before having something to click.

In general, there is a lot of wasted real estate in this email. Let’s look at the improvements our team made.

After Fuel Made

Right away you can see some major differences in the updated email. First is the branding, which now matches Premama’s usual color pallet. This immediately creates a direct connection between the email and the brand. 

Plus, the new email uses more real estate to highlight important information, such as the discount and products. 

The tone of Premama’s new email is also a lot nicer than the original. Starting with an apology about the original discount expiring, the extended discount feels like a gift being given to the customer.

Also, extending the discount gives Premama a good reason to pop up in customers' inboxes again. Even if customers aren’t interested in buying right away, Premama highlights a few product categories that customers can browse through in the meantime. 

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