Tomlinson's Feed: Personalization strategies driving a 23% welcome flow conversion rate

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We’re in an era of ecommerce where customer data reigns supreme. Brands that strive to gain innovative insights into their consumers' preferences, behaviors, and desires are the ones that are successful.

Why? As traditional methods of data collection become less effective and privacy regulations tighten, marketers are turning towards a promising solution known as zero-party data. 

Here’s our take: If you don't engage in meaningful ways with customers on your owned channels, you'll continue dumping money into paid channels while your competition is nurturing long-term relationships with customers via email and sms.

But how can brands effectively capture this valuable information?

One strategy that has proven to be highly effective is the use of pop-ups. Let’s look at how even a simple improvement in email personalization can go a long way.


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How pet brand Tomlinson’s uses pop-ups

Tomlinson’s Feed—a store for natural, healthy pet products—welcomes first-time visitors with a beautiful and engaging pop-up experience. 

As a first step, they ask subscribers upfront if they’d prefer a dog treat or cat toy. Then they go a step further by asking if they're a dog person, a cat person, and/or other. 

Essentially, this pop-up is actually built using four separate "promotions": 

Why do we do this using four different promotions? 

We need a way to tell Klaviyo that the subscriber clicked on "Dog treat" rather than "Cat toy" or "Other." When the "Dog treat" subscriber enters their email address, we can easily attach a custom property letting Klaviyo know that they want a "Dog treat". 

This information is stored within the Klaviyo profile, available for segmenting our welcome emails. 

From there, we sent the welcome flow based on the pet they own. Here are two different examples:

But we don't stop here. 

It's possible someone would pick a cat toy even though they're actually raising all sorts of furry or feathery babies. To account for this, the second part of the pop-up asks customers directly what kind of pet parent they are. 

This check box adds another custom property to their Klaviyo profile:

We use this information further in the welcome flow to share best sellers they might be interested in depending on their menagerie. Here’s an example of what a cat person receives in their welcome flow:

Tomlinson’s results

The mobile and desktop pop-up have very successful average capture rates of 11.74% and 7.54% respectively. 

While the welcome flow that follows up from their pop-up responses has an exceptional conversion rate of 23%

To give you some perspective on how well Tomlinson’s pop-up and welcome flow is performing, our goal with clients is typically to reach an 8-10% conversion rate for welcome flows—after capturing about 5% of traffic via the pop-ups. 

In other words, these systems are performing about twice as well as the average industry rates! 

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