How bold, fun and relevant copy helped recover 15% of FCTRY's abandoned carts

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The Challenge

FCTRY creates action figures based on U.S. political heroes (and villains). After several successful Kickstarter campaigns, FCTRY was ready to use advanced email marketing to acquire new customers and build a relationship with them to keep them coming back for more.

Our Approach

After defining their target audience, we were able to determine how to effectively communicate and connect with FCTRY’s customers. Knowing the common customer is liberal, knowledgeable about politics, and interested in pop culture, we used light-hearted humor and fun visuals to engage the reader. The goal is to show off FCTRY’s brand personality by sending strategic offers, upsells, and educational content at the perfect time.

What We Worked On

  • Full Service Email Marketing
  • Copywriting


Comedian Tracy Morgan once said, “If you don’t laugh, you’re going to cry.” That couldn’t be more true during times of political turmoil. So, to keep FCTRY’s email content both topical and upbeat, we employed funny, relevant references, like “covfefe” and the Pelosi clap.

Though these automated flow emails are designed to sell the product, they also act as entertainment that the user actually enjoys opening and clicking through. The result is 13.8% in welcome experience conversions and 15% in abandoned cart conversions - well above Klaviyo's benchmark rates.

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