Turning traffic into dollars: How we helped Baloo increase conversions by 33%

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The challenge

Baloo Living specializes in lifetime-quality bedding and home goods designed to promote relaxation, comfort, and wellness. Known for their eco-friendly approach and use of sustainable materials, this strong brand boasts thousands of 5-star reviews and happy customers. Despite all this, before our engagement began, Baloo’s online experience didn’t align with this high level of quality and care. 

Our analysis revealed a sizeable gap between add-to-cart rate and conversion rate, suggesting an opportunity to better communicate key information on product pages to reduce abandonment. We also found that new users accounted for 90% of the site’s traffic, but were converting at a 60% lower rate than return visitors. Other areas for improvement included bounce rate and page load speed.

Our approach 

Since most of Baloo’s traffic was landing directly on product pages, we saw a significant upside in optimizing the PDP template and content. We wanted to ensure the site was easy to navigate for its unfamiliar new visitors, while continuing to grow the high-converting group of return visitors. 

Having pages that load quickly may seem like an obvious user experience win, but the monetary impacts are much deeper than that. Many merchants are surprised to find out that even a 1-second delay can cut conversion rate by up to 7%. Baloo came to us with load times that were half the speed of what we consider optimal, so this was a key focus area for us. 

We also added more pricing transparency throughout the conversion funnel. In ecommerce, nearly half of users cite unexpected costs such as shipping and taxes as the reason for cart abandonment. Effectively communicating these fees throughout the user journey is important to avoid any surprises at checkout. 

What We Worked On

  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Experience Optimization
  • Custom Development
  • Ecommerce Strategy

Ready to level up?

  • Conversion rate


  • ATC rate


  • Revenue per session



Before working with us, Baloo Living was receiving a lot of traffic that simply wasn’t converting. Users would find the site through social channels but quickly navigate away without making a purchase. Our redesigned site significantly reduced bounce rates, resulting in a 10% increase in revenue per session. 

With a focus on reducing cart abandonment, our strategies were able to close the gap between add-to-cart and conversion rates, respectively increasing each by 38% and 33%.  

Every piece of an ecommerce website can play a part in the overall conversion funnel. If you’d like to improve your store with strategic CRO and UX design, click here to book a consultation with our team

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