Announcing the winner of the
2019 Fuel Made Grant for Growth

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More than 80 merchants applied for the Fuel Made Grant for Growth, which surprised and delighted us. We were excited and blown away at the awesome companies who applied, and may have found ourselves fist pumping a few times as we reviewed each one.

At the end we briefly debated awarding more than one grant because the decision was so hard, but (unfortunately) we came to our senses and selected only one.

And now, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that Supply is the winner of the 2019 Fuel Made Grant for Growth.


Supply are a company on the rise. They’ve got a strong online presence already, a growing business, and they’re ready to kick things into high gear and rise above the noise in a crowded and competitive space. We found that their goals meshed perfectly with ours, and we’re super excited to dig into this big challenge with them, and help them grow to the next level.

Why we chose Supply

Apart from their passion, this husband and wife team are locked into the mindset that customer experience sits at the center of everything they do. Here at Fuel Made, our growth model revolves around just that. We wanted to partner with someone who is excited about this approach, and willing to go all in with it. 


On top of that, Supply knows where their product fits in the marketplace, they have clear, defined plans on where they are going in the future, and they are ready and eager to do the work to get there. 

Of course, data mattered too.

In selecting the recipient, we had to be confident we could help them. Strong traffic (>30,000/ month) was required, along with the willingness to invest in continued acquisition.

Other key metrics include Supply’s already-strong conversion rate, a high average order value (AOV), and good year-over-year growth numbers - in both traffic and revenue. This meant they had a strong business already, a burning fire we could pour fuel on. We’ll have more to share on this shortly, but things look good. 

Who applied for the grant

We had more than 80 applicants across a wide range of industries, all at different stages of growth.

From sunscreens to socks to watches, we reviewed each application carefully to determine whether or not they were a fit. The process to find the winner was a lot harder than we expected!

In the end, Supply won us over by checking all the boxes, and their commitment to turn something good into something great.


What’s next?

Our first order of business is to conduct a full discovery process with Supply. This means digging into their data, asking them a bazillion questions, learning about their customers, their market, and their goals then putting together our project plan.

During the next few months, we’ll be giving you a behind-the-scenes look at this project, sharing helpful information to hopefully inspire you about how to transform your own store into a growth machine.

We’ll unpack the why behind our decisions so you can gain a clear understanding of the Fuel Made Growth Model. We’ll cover things like growth strategy, branding, UX/UI, visual design and development and give you a peek behind the curtain of how a top agency helps a client grow.

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