Fuel Made’s partnership with Klaviyo is now Elite

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We're thrilled to announce that Fuel Made has reached new heights in our partnership with Klaviyo. We've been awarded the prestigious Master Elite status, a tier reserved for the most dedicated and effective Klaviyo agencies in the world, out of 10,000+ partners.

"Fuel Made’s Elite status came as no surprise to the Klaviyo partner team. Not only have they been a partner for nearly eight years, but they continue to push the limits of Klaviyo’s capabilities and optimize their clients’ marketing strategy to its fullest. This achievement was well deserved and we look forward to the bright future we have working alongside each other." 

- Scott Segel, Senior Director of Agency Partnerships

This status isn't just a title. It represents our commitment to being an integral part of the Klaviyo ecosystem. As a Master Elite partner, we're not only collaborating closely with Klaviyo's leadership but are also at the forefront of new product launches and strategies. This level of involvement ensures we provide best-in-class services to the brands we manage.

For the past eight years, our journey with Klaviyo has been a consistently rewarding experience. We've consistently pushed the boundaries of what Shopify stores can achieve, leveraging Klaviyo's robust toolset. Our close working relationship with Klaviyo's fantastic team has allowed us to dive deep into new features, integrations, and possibilities, always hunting for the next breakthrough in retention marketing.

Why do we specialize in Klaviyo? Simply put, Klaviyo has repeatedly proven itself to be a leader in the industry, continuously evolving and offering more advanced solutions. It aligns perfectly with our vision to deliver cutting-edge strategies and results for our clients.

With our new Elite status, we're excited about the enhanced services and resources we can now offer. This includes early access to Klaviyo's latest features, direct lines to product teams for feedback and insight, and advanced training and support, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to continued success and innovation with Klaviyo!