Annual highlight: our team’s favorite email projects from 2022

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Another year, another list of projects we’re proud of.

At the end of last year, we learned that the average ROI for Klaviyo users is 95x for email and 122x for email and SMS, whereas Fuel Made's average ROI for clients is 231x.  

But we didn’t stop there. We had the pleasure of working with some amazing brands this year as well. From apparel, to food and beverage, cosmetics, and more, every project gives us the opportunity to craft exciting emails.

We want to celebrate these fun campaigns with you, which is why we put together a short list of some of our favorite email projects from 2022.

Check them out below!


Screenshots of email campaigns from Milkshake

Milk_shake sells all-natural hair products made with milk protein and fruit extracts. Their branding is a lot of fun to work with, featuring bright colors and imagery. If you like the branding, you’ll love the copywriting we do for Milk_shake even more.

I had the pleasure of crafting some really fun campaigns for their BFCM push. My personal favorite included remixed Rihanna lyrics: please don't stop the moisture, must be love on the mane, etc,"  said Priscilla, Copywriter.

Screenshots of email campaigns from Milkshake

“They were a fairly new client on the Fuel Made roster, and I was new to the team having just joined in September. There's something exciting about being the newbie while also working with a new brand. The motivation to get them great results was really the driving force behind the copy I created." 

- Priscilla, Copywriter

Natural Dog Company 

Screenshots of email campaigns from Natural Dog Company

Not only does Natural Dog Company have some of the most adorable imagery to work with, but the brand has a great backstory to tell: the founder had health issues that led them to transition to an all-natural toxin-free diet. After “blending her two passions of natural healing and animals, Natural Dog Company was founded.” 

Beyond the branding, one of the reasons we love working with this brand is because of the unique segmentation and customization work we do to give customers a personalized experience.

Screenshots of email campaigns from Natural Dog Company

"It's always fun to bring the copy and design's customization to life; whether I'm using multiple flow splits based on people's hair color, crafting conditional block logic for purchasing behavior of treats and balms, or writing lengthy if/else statements for personalized content (and sometimes all three of those at once). When it's all said and done you get the same amazing feeling as when you put the last piece of the puzzle together knowing you've helped create a unique user experience for the clients."

- Ansley, Strategist

Kai Collective

Screenshots of email campaigns from Kai Collective

This year, our team was fortunate to work with several incredible brands, but one we especially enjoy working with is Kai Collective—a bold, women-led fashion brand. The brand colors and designs are a lot of fun, but one of our favorite reasons we love working with Kai is because the brand voice gives us a lot of creative freedom with our copywriting.

“Much like their unique and expressive designs, KAI's brand voice is one of a kind. I love the challenge of translating founder Fisayo Longe's social media presence and press interviews into copy imbued with her personality. Plus, it's always fun to write about a product that celebrates ideas that I'm passionate about, such as body positivity, confidence, and creativity.”

- Kate, Copywriter 

Screenshots of email campaigns from Kai Collective


“Thank you so much for your BRILLIANT work. The emails are gorgeous and very intelligent.”
- Kai Collective

Arlo Skye

Screenshots of email campaigns from Arlo Skye

Arlo Skye is a newer client of ours. The team came to us for a complete email revamp, which we thought was an exciting opportunity—of course. And after learning that the founders had worked with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, we knew that design was going to be very important for this project. 

“Their team had been working on some initial branding guidelines in-house, giving us a great starting point. I still felt there was some room for refinement and that we had the opportunity to break out of the box of traditional email design. We ended up creating a unique design system with asymmetrical styles that highlights the minimalist sophistication of the brand while still having some fun."

- Lauren, Designer

Screenshots of email campaigns from Arlo Skye

“I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from people that we’ve leveled up our email marketing game. So good job! Emails we’ve done together improve the desirability for the brand.” 

- Arlo

Satchel & Page

Screenshots of email campaigns from Satchel & Page

Satchel & Page is a prime example of a sophisticated brand amplified by sophisticated email content and strategy. As an email marketer, this is a dream – a balancing act between brand values, appeal, and “let’s sell some bags”. 

From the brand voice and design to the strategy and collaboration, every angle of our partnership has sparked excitement and motivation. 

“While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every one of our clients this year, Satchel & Page has been one of my all-time favorite brands to support. Working with Satchel & Page has only reinforced the sheer importance of “honest” email marketing strategies – prioritizing brand integrity, focusing on what works, acknowledging what doesn’t, and keeping client growth top of mind, always.”

- Morgan, Strategist

Screenshots of email campaigns from Satchel & Page

“You guys do such a good job and your emails are good quality. They represent the brand, they’re not spammy at all, the designs and copy are good, and we’re getting results… You can’t do better.”
- Satchel & Page 

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