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How Velour Lashes Increased their Monthly Sales Volume
by 53%!

  1. Their Story

    A love of lashes

    Mabel Lee became obsessed with false eyelashes in university, to the point where she started making her own homemade mink hair lashes on the weekends. As the true beauty boss that she is, Mabel turned her weekend passion-project into a business and founded Velour Lashes in 2011.

    Velour is now a leading name in the beauty industry, soaring to fame and adorning the eyes of popular celebrities, including Beyonce, Demi Lovato, Jessica Alba and Kate Upton.

  2. The Challenge

    A need for growth

    Velour has flourished on innovation - they were the first company to sell custom lashes online and their growth has evolved from this personalized shopping experience.

    Although they had a strong online presence, their technology wasn’t supporting their true potential. It was time for a new store, on a new platform, and they were ready to put customization at the heart of their online shopping journey.

  3. The Solution

    An eye for detail

    By analyzing Velour’s store data, we discovered visitors were distracted by the sheer amount of information on each page, preventing them from following through with a purchase.

    We simplified the overall shopping journey, adding new technology to support the unique custom experiences Velour was built upon. The result was a dynamic and beautiful ecommerce experience, positioned for scale and ready for growth.

Average Order Value


Year Over Year

Bounce Rate


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Desktop Conversion Rate


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Keys to Success

Embracing Uniqueness 

Velour doesn’t just sell eyelashes - they help you find the perfect one.

This personal touch has fueled Velour’s success, and lash education plays a key role in their conversion process.

Velour's innovative Custom Lash Builder had a high abandonment rate, so we decided to remove any information that wasn't essential to the process, including educational elements. Education was still necessary in the buying process, so we created a new, separate Lash Guide. This guide is a fun, interactive tool which helps users decide which eyelash fits the shape of their face.

Visitors answer questions related to face structure and lash volume, to receive lash recommendations from Velour’s very own lash experts.

The result: A highly-personalized experience that walks the customer through the information they need to make a decision.


Keeping it Simple 

Once we moved lash education to the Lash Guide, the Custom Lash Builder became a much simpler, unified experience. Visitors can easily navigate through different styles to create their unique, handcrafted eyelashes; round or flared shape, straight or cross-cross pattern, full or whispie design.  

To show customers the unique details of each lash, our team created an interactive lash viewer that updates when customers make any selection - all in real-time!

The result:  51% decrease in bounce rate on the Custom Lash Builder


A Powerful New Message

Velour offers free shipping over a certain threshold; yet another opportunity to provide a personalized shopping experience.

To help customers take advantage of the free shipping opportunity, we opted to tell customers on the checkout page the exact dollar amount they are missing from their cart to claim this offer.

To top it off, we added a nifty “You Might Also Like” section just below the dollar amount. Customers see personalized recommendations depending on their shopping patterns, increasing the likelihood of them adding another item to their cart.

The result: a 31% increase in Average Order Value!


A Fresh Take

Ready to take their business to the next level, Velour completely overhauled their brand for a fresh, elegant, premium look. The result was a stunning and bold design, focused on showcasing the fine details in each individual eyelash.

We brought their new vision to life on Shopify Plus, a powerful platform with comprehensive features. Thanks to its enhanced support, seamless integrations and unlimited bandwidth, Shopify Plus allows Velour to grow while adapting to the ever-changing ecommerce landscape around them.


Bringing it All Together

Since launching their new site in 2017, Velour has recorded an increased conversion rate, an improvement in cart abandonment rate, as well as a surge in pageviews.

All of this leading to an incredible growth rate, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


A 53.53% growth in monthly sales volume!

Velour Lashes

As our business grew, we had to transition to Shopify and they built a whole new website for us. The experience was flawless and we gave them a pretty aggressive timeline. They also provided great recommendations when we needed advice on how to build out the site so the whole experience was painless. I wish they were in Toronto, as I wanted to hire them full time! They were honestly THAT good.

Mabel Lee