This premium men's grooming company completely overhauled their site experience and saw revenue jump by 290%

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The challenge

When we started working with Supply, they already had a good amount of traffic, a strong conversion rate, a high average order value, and healthy year-over-year growth numbers - in both traffic and revenue. This presented us with a great challenge: to take something good, and turn it into something great.

With a tight deadline ahead of us thanks to a Shark Tank appearance, we set out to build Supply a new site from the ground up, touching everything from brand exploration and strategy to UX, design, and development.

Our approach

Supply is known for their skilled craftsmanship and commitment to quality, and it was important for their design to embody these core values. A deep discovery into their brand uncovered newly defined key voice principles, which we fused into their copy and imagery to create an authentic brand story. Each page was designed with the customer experience in mind, taking shoppers on a meaningful journey from first click to post-purchase.

What We Worked On

  • UX Design
  • Copywriting
  • Visual Design
  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • Custom Development
  • homepage conversion rate


  • boost in revenue


  • product page conversion rate



A key change we made was to strip down Supply’s homepage to shy away from product specifics, and speak more to selling the benefits of the product, who Supply is, what they stand for, and of course why you should buy their products. The homepage copy was rewritten to reflect their new tone, and to better communicate who they are and educate shoppers on their products. The result is a 110% increase in homepage conversions for shoppers landing on the page.

Supply’s mobile performance was lacking compared to desktop, and it was important to boost this, considering more than 70% of their traffic is from mobile sources. By implementing mobile UX best practices, speeding up page speed, and creating clear CTA’s after each step as users scroll along, Supply has seen 43% boost in mobile conversion rate.

With the majority of shoppers landing on Supply’s product page, it was important to immediately address on this page what makes their product so unique - that it’s a single blade razor. We dialled in on these key product details, while continuing to educate shoppers as they scroll down the page. The result is a 110% increase in product page conversion rate.