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Our strategy consulting and data-driven redesign services are perfect for companies who want to increase conversions, increase average order values, increase repeat purchases, increase sales and profits, and design and build a beautiful ecommerce store.


We start with a thoughtful discovery process that creates a blueprint for your success. We'll define your goals and gain a better understanding of your market, your audience, your products and your brand - all essential building blocks for a sustainable ecommerce strategy that drives results.

  1. Conversion Audit

    Find out why you’re not converting, and how you can improve.

    We start with a deep dive into your analytics to identify pain points that are hindering your growth. We’ll target specific KPI’s, examine the competitive landscape, acknowledge differentiators, define goals, and provide recommendations that will fuel your growth. We’ll set the stage for success, so you can implement and monitor impact along the way.

    What we deliver:

    • Competitive assessment
    • KPI dashboard to monitor impact
    • Recommendations on A/B testing 
    • Comprehensive data-analysis to define conversion barriers
    • One-hour strategy session to review analysis and discuss business goals

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  2. Ecommerce Optimization

    Our ongoing partnership will guide you to success.

    We start with an interactive strategy workshop that highlights the opportunities for growth on your current store. Then, we’ll deliver a 12-month strategy roadmap that is aligned with your business goals. You’ll have access to a strategist, designer, developer and project manager who act as a resource whenever ecommerce issues arise.

    What we deliver:

    • Comprehensive ROI and data analysis
    • Competitive assessment
    • Interactive strategy workshop
    • 12-month strategy roadmap
    • Ongoing strategy meetings to review progress and address any questions

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    • Strategy Maintenance

      Continuous support for maximum impact.

      We know how quickly the digital landscape and visitor behaviors change, and we want you to stay ahead of the game. We’ll engage on a monthly basis to monitor KPI’s, share trends and data in this ever-changing digital environment, perform ongoing conversion rate optimization (CRO) work and provide testing. You’ll also receive digital design and development support to ensure your roadmap is being executed.

      What we deliver:

      • 12-month strategy roadmap
      • Ongoing CRO work and testing
      • Ongoing KPI monitoring
      • Set hours each month for designer and developer assistance 
      • Monthly analytics report with data-based recommendations
      • Weekly-check ins and monthly meetings to review progress 
      • Strategic impact analysis and monitoring for site changes and updates

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    Expert Team

    Our in-house designers, developers, and strategists work together to create an actionable ecommerce strategy for your store. 


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