Smidge’s 15% conversion rate improvement with a subtle change to PDPs

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Smidge wanted to improve its conversion rate on product description pages. After conducting on-page research, we found that many users still searched for shipping information—even if it was already displayed sitewide on the promo bar.

What We Worked On

  • CRO
  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • UX Design

The test

To test if adding shipping information near the add-to-cart button on the product page would improve conversion rates, we ran a test with a variant of the product page with shipping information displayed prominently near the ATC button. The control page had no changes made to it, and both versions were randomly shown to website visitors.

Smidge’s original PDP:

Smidge’s PDP with shipping information near the add-to-cart button: 


The variant page with shipping information near the add-to-cart button had a whopping 15% improvement in conversion rate compared to the control page. Additionally, the average order value (AOV) for the variant page was 5% higher than the control page.

It’s subtle changes like this that our CRO team looks for all day, every day. Since every brand is different, we run tests to ensure the most successful outcomes for our clients. This case study is another example of how ongoing CRO strategy can result in huge improvements for your store.