Our Process

Launching a website is a big job

We are with you every step of the way.

Whether you are just starting out, in need of an update, or migrating from another platform, we know the importance of a smooth process.  We’ll guide you through each step, making data-driven decisions, impactful changes, and eliminating surprises.

Trust the process.

  1. Discovery

    We start with a thoughtful discovery workshop - a hands-on, guided exploration of your needs and goals. We take a deep dive into your analytics, searching for opportunities to improve key areas like conversion rate, average order value, and customer happiness. 

    We'll cover all key pages and functionality here. This direction will be used by our design and development teams, as well as your project manager, to guide us throughout your full project. We'll remove as much ambiguity as possible, get everyone on the same page, and get the project on a solid footing for success.

    This process Includes:

    • Preliminary Ecommerce Audit
    • Growth Opportunity Identification
    • Shopify Elements Audit
    • Strategy Workshop
    • Technical Workshop
    • Design Workshop
    • Project Schedule
  2. Visual Design

    We bring your experience to life, reaching across all touch points. We begin this phase after strategy and content creation because it’s intended to serve and enhance both of those key areas, not lead it. We’ll weave your brand’s voice and visual language with our expertise in User Experience (UX) to create a smart and beautiful design.

    All key and supporting pages will be designed for both desktop and mobile devices, unless otherwise specified. These designs will work for and apply to future content, or anything not identified as key in our initial discovery. 

    This process includes: 

    • Creative audit and analysis
    • Custom Shopify Design for all key and supporting pages
    • Design Maintenance
  3. Site Build

    Strategy and design combine to create a dialed-in blueprint that we hand off to our development team. Our seasoned team of Shopify experts insists on best practices and cutting edge, performant solutions to your unique challenges.

    We’ll stay connected throughout the build- you’ll see, test, and review progress along the way, ensuring a smooth launch without any surprises.

    Here, you'll get:

    • A fully functioning Shopify website which incorporates all of the elements outlined in the previous steps.
  4. Launch

    You’ll work with our team to rigorously test and QA your new site on a variety of devices and browsers, eliminating bugs and catching any potential issues before launch day. Once you’ve entered final content into your site, we’ll set a launch date and provide you with easy-to-follow checklists for the big day. 

    What you'll get:

    • A tested, launched and functional website at your domain.
  5. Checkup

    Once you've launched, we keep close watch to ensure everything is running smoothly and according to plan. We continue to monitor your site’s performance, ensuring we’re on track to increase conversions and grow your sales. 

    What you'll get

    • A high-performing, conversion-focused, functional and beautiful website on Shopify.

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