Popsmith: How do you make a fun brand ‘pop’ even more?

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The challenge

When Popsmith came to us, they already had great visual branding to work with. They had obviously put in a lot of work with some talented creative teams to develop a beautiful brand with a ton of personality. The question for our team was…how do we make a fun brand even more fun?

Our approach

Right off the bat, we knew we wanted to improve Popsmith's email structures without sacrificing any of their brand's personality. Our creative team has been working with Klaviyo for years, so we know how to create accessible emails that will deliver consistently across a wide range of email service providers and devices. With some strategic changes, we were able to create emails that very closely matched the visuals of Popsmith’s previous campaigns and flows.

From a design perspective, we decided to focus on animation and movement throughout the new designs. Your average consumer probably gets dozens of emails a day, if not more. Adding animation to an email can help your designs stand out in a sea of competitors. For example, it can help draw the viewer’s eye to an important CTA. Even the smallest bit of animation, like a couple of popcorn kernels popping, can add a lot to a design. Here are a few examples.


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Example #1 - Abandoned Cart

An effective strategy for new customer conversions has always been communicating with them after an item is added to their cart. They’ve shown interest, have taken action, and may just need a final push to convert. This has become standard practice for most ecommerce brands. The design strategy here was to add some fun movement to hopefully grab the viewers' attention right away and stand out in a crowded inbox. For their first AC email, we designed a quirky little popcorn animation that was inspired by some of the scrolling animations on their website.

Example #2 - Welcome Series

Another effective strategy for new customer conversions is creating a robust welcome series that introduces the brand. What are the top products? What makes this brand unique? The Popsmith Popper is a one-of-a-kind, premium product that is not only stylish, but fun to use! The Popsmith team shared a ton of great assets with us at the start of the project, and we wanted to come up with a visual to show the product being used in real time. Since Klaviyo does not allow for video uploads (at least without paying for third party tools), we converted a short product video to a simplified GIF that gives us the animation we want while staying within technical limitations.

Example #3 - Post-Purchase Series

Once a customer makes a purchase, we want to build a relationship with them that keeps them coming back for more. Popsmith also sells chef-crafted, pre-measured popcorn kits that take the guesswork out of recipes. As part of the post-purchase series, we wanted to highlight the different popcorn flavors to give the customer an opportunity to try something different. One strategy we like to utilize in email designs is creating decorative CTAs that incorporate movement. We’ve found that clients really like the personalized touch, and that it’s a great way to highlight actionable items within an email.

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