Blending our expertise with the vibrant branding of Kris Nations for a 412% CTR increase

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Email Marketing

Kris Nations is a dynamic jewelry brand known for beautiful designs and expertly crafted pieces. When our partnership began, we were immediately captivated by their vibrant aesthetic and playful messaging.

With such strong brand elements already in place, we knew that adding our expertise to their email marketing would yield compelling results. Below, we’ll delve into the strategies that we used to reinvent the Kris Nations email identity.

What We Worked On

  • Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Visual Design
  • List Growth
  • Full Service Email Marketing

Before Fuel Made

Before engaging with Fuel Made, Kris Nations' email marketing approach faced several challenges. The original email design lacked cohesion and failed to capture the essence of the brand's ethos. Moreover, the messaging and layout failed to effectively engage recipients, resulting in limited click-through rates and conversion rates.

After Fuel Made

Main changes: 

  • Cleaned up the design to establish a beautiful, branded feel.
  • Wrote fun and engaging copy to match the Kris Nations aesthetic.
  • Added UGC and value props with iconography to make them stand out.
  • Designed stronger CTAs to drive conversions.

Why we made these updates:  

  • The offer in the original email was very tiny and too far down the fold. Since the offer was the main reason people signed up for emails, we wanted to highlight the “15% off” and coupon code from the moment the shopper opened the email.
  • We wanted to draw new customers into the Kris Nations world. This company uses exciting branding—the colors are vibrant and the messaging is fun. Shoppers need to get a taste of that right away to build excitement about Kris Nations’ products.
  • To build trust with potential customers, we highlighted helpful information, including UGC and the brand’s value props.
  • Kris Nations’ original email didn’t have strong CTAs. The email recommended more products, but it wasn’t clear that shoppers could click each one to visit the PDP. We added CTAs under each product, while making the “get my discount” CTA the most obvious. 

These strategic updates have increased the chances of getting that first order from customers who opt-in to Kris Nations’ emails. In fact, the original welcome email’s click-through rate was 4.2% with a placed order rate of 2.1%. The new email has a click-through rate of 21.5% with a placed order rate of 15.7%!