Hiring: Ecommerce Growth Strategist

A few years ago we here at Fuel Made were just a small handful of folks focused on building the very best ecommerce experiences on the web. Leading out with strong design, exceptional client experiences, and deep Shopify expertise we delighted our clients, and grew our agency. Our approach led to success, and opportunities we couldn’t have imagined.

Today, our clients are successful, established merchants with specialized shops and complex needs. The opportunity to service these clients is challenging and exciting.

We are seeking an experienced ecommerce growth strategist to serve as the expert guide for our clients. We are looking for someone who understands ecommerce and its associated KPIs, understands what it means to be data-driven and understands how to drive growth. You should also be exceptionally good at communicating all of this with clients as a trusted adviser. 

In this position you will work with our team, and directly with our clients. You will be the primary driver throughout each project directing the solutions we build. You'll also be working with our existing clients to provide ongoing advice and recommendations to help them grow. Our client's growth will be your #1 responsibility. You should have the experience and know-how to make that happen.

This is a serious responsibility, and an exciting one. Watching your hard work come to life and watching our customer’s delight as it impacts their bottom line is rewarding. This is why we love ecommerce.

Most of our clients have not heavily focused on optimization and improvement of key metrics, and we have a unique opportunity to both educate them, and blow them away with what's possible with systematic testing and improvement over time.


  • At least two years of, specifically, ecommerce growth experience 
  • Experience moving ecommerce-specific KPIs (e.g. CAC, AOV, RPC, CR, CLTV)
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Willingness to do things The Right Way (especially when it's hard)
  • Data nerd
  • CRO expert
  • Desire to learn (curiosity)
  • Passion for all things ecommerce, you are abreast of industry best practices and evolution.
  • Easy and enjoyable to work with
  • Self-motivated

Why you might like working for us:

  • We choose our clients carefully. 
  • Freedom to care about your work (we're focused on quality)
  • Freedom to own projects from a strategy standpoint
  • Freedom to focus and get really good at what you do (we're focused 100% on ecommerce)
  • We work reasonable hours.
  • The care we have for our clients is rivaled only by the care we have for each other. We are a tight-knit, professional team who care a lot about doing world-class work together.


  • Vacation: two weeks paid vacation (available from the day you start) plus 7 paid holidays, and we also take off the week between Christmas and New Years.
  • Remote work: Western North America is your office.
  • Health care benefits. 
  • Yearly retreat: Each year we all gather as a team somewhere fun (and warm!) to connect, learn, and have a lot of fun together.
  • Tools: we'll make sure you have whatever software and hardware you need to do your job.

Location: We are a fully remote company, but you must be in North America, and located in the Pacific or Mountain time zones, available to work regular business hours every day. 

This position is closed.