Fuel Made Grant for Growth, 2019

Everyday at Fuel Made, we come across growing businesses. Dreamers and goal-getters. From humble beginnings. Bootstrapping businesses in their basements. Going it alone, ready to grow. Businesses right at the tipping point.
Short on hands, not vision. Light on help, never on passion.


You Are

  • An ecommerce company with an established growth trajectory 
  • In need of a website makeover
  • Seeking an exceptional partner to get you there


What You Get

  • A trusted advisor and partner in your growth—to launch and beyond
  • A personalized growth optimization strategy tailored to your business goals 
  • A full-service website redesign, at no cost (branding refresh if needed, full website design, and Shopify build.)
  • 6 months of post-launch data monitoring and reporting


Get the details. Imagine the possibilities.

What is this?

We’re giving away our services for a total project value up to $50,000 to help take a growing brand to the next level. 


How does it work?

We give you our best work, our time, and our top talent — same as any client. We complete a full-service website redesign project for you, no shortcuts. In return you let us have final say on the creative direction of the site, and you allow us to share a public case study of the project.


Which of your services will I be receiving?

The grant covers the cost for our strategy, design, development, testing, and launch services, as well as 6 months of post-launch data monitoring and reporting.

As with any website overhaul, there are other costs associated that you’ll need to budget and plan for on your side if you are accepted - but you will not get an invoice from us. 


Why? What’s in it for Fuel Made?

Well, first we love what we do. Also, we want to help a growing brand take their website to the next level using proven methods that we're confident in. Finally, our aim is to document, share and educate anyone who follows along about our growth model, and the impact it has on a growing ecommerce business.

What do you need from me?

Your time, and your trust. 

Your time. We’ll collaborate heavily with you throughout the process, and have regular calls to workshop the new design. Since we will be moving quickly through this process, we’ll need a few hours of your time each week. After all, you are the expert on your business, your products, and your customers, and we’ll need your expertise to create the desired outcome.

Your trust. In return you let us take the wheel, giving us final creative say over the design of the site, and allow us to publish a case study of our work together. We're confident we can move the needle with our process, and we're holding our feet to the fire by promising to share your growth.


Who qualifies for this grant?

For this partnership to work, we'll need to be confident that we can really move the needle for you. So we do have a few requirements:

  • We are looking for a brand that has been in business for one year, averaging at least 30,000 visitors per month (or darn close).
  • You are a digitally native brand, selling your own branded products with a fairly low product count.
  • You have exceptionally good assets (photography and copy) or are willing to properly invest in creating them, with our direction.
  • You must be on Shopify, or willing to move to Shopify.
  • You must have someone on your team available to run point, and be available (nearly) daily throughout the process. We will be moving quickly and will need someone capable, informed, and able to make decisions for your team.
  • Due to the need for extra smooth communication, you need to be located in the Pacific, Mountain, Central or Eastern United States time zone.


What happens after I apply?

We will review each applicant carefully for fit with the criteria listed above. Of those who fit best, we’ll follow up to gather additional information and to review your analytics. From that group we’ll select final candidates for an interview, and from among that group we’ll make our final selection.

If you are selected for an interview, we will be in touch by May 27th.

Important: the information and data you share as part of the application process will only be used by our team to explore awarding this grant. It will not be shared with any other parties or used for any other purpose.



The deadline to apply for the 2019 Fuel Made Grant for Growth is May 19, 2019.

More questions? 

Contact us.


Fuel Made is a full-service digital agency with a proven track record of success and a reputation for innovative growth strategies in the ecommerce world.