Google is requiring all merchants to update their email settings by Feb 1, 2024. We can help.

Email sender guidelines

Important: Starting February 2024, Gmail will require the following for senders who send 5,000 or more messages a day to Gmail accounts: Authenticate outgoing email, avoid sending unwanted or unsolicited email, and make it easy for recipients to unsubscribe. Learn more about requirements for sending, 5000 or more emails per day.

If the thought of DKIM, DMARC, and DNS sounds D-sgusting to you, we got you covered. For $1500, we’ll handle every step of these requirements for Klaviyo and Shopify.

Making these changes is pretty technical and can have harmful consequences if not done correctly. With this in mind, we’ve created a done-for-you offering to make this easy for anyone who would prefer to just hand it off to the professionals.

Starting at $1500 we’ll make sure you are compliant with Google and Yahoo by February 1st

Who we are

  • Senior-level email experts 100% focused on ecommerce
  • Klaviyo Master Elite partner
  • Shopify Plus partner

How it works

  • Book a call with our team to discuss details

  • Give us access to your Domain Provider, Klaviyo, and Shopify

  • We take care of all updates needed for Klaviyo and Shopify

Let us take care of these new requirements for you.

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