What's your typical process for a full site design and build?

Our process typically starts with a specification gathering and wireframing stage. We'll talk with you about the needs and goals of your project and sort out all the details of flow, organization and function with you. The result of this is a "blueprint" for the site that we'll take into the next stage.

The next stage is the design phase, this is where we work with you to create a visual design which aligns with your brand, and creates the look of your site. Our forte is a modern, world-class aesthetic that works well across all screen sizes (mobile, tablet and desktop), and which also meets the goals and needs outlined in the first stage.

One you have reviewed and approved all designs, the next stage is development. This is where we take all the work from the previous stages and turn it into a fully functioning Shopify store. The end result of this phase is a complete store, built on Shopify, that looks and behaves as we've designed it.

The final stage is testing, migration and launch. In this phase we'll work with you to carry out a migration plan from your old shop (if we're helping you migrate), which includes SEO considerations, and making sure we retain the existing traffic to your current site. We'll have you load up your shop with all your products and content.

We'll then work with you to test it and ensure that it accomplished all the original goals, both functional and aesthetic, that we set out when we started. Then we help you launch your site out to the world.

Once this work is complete, we guarantee our work to be free from defects (bugs) without a time limit. If we built it, and it doesn't work right, we'll fix it without any additional cost, no expiration.

Do you get involved with loading content into our site?

No, not typically. Shopify has a very friendly content management system built in, and we'll carefully tie into it throughout your site and give you an excellent way to work with it to manage all aspects of your store without needing us to do any of that for you.

What about ongoing maintenance, do you help with that?

Our goal, from a site management perspective, is to make you completely self-sufficient for normal day-to-day operation of your site. You don't want to wait on (or pay) us when changes need to be made, and you don't want to be dependent upon us. We'll give you the tools and ability to manage everything yourself.

Now, as you need new features, new design assistance, new templates - that sort of thing - we welcome, expect and seek that work from you. We typically bill for those tasks on a simple hourly basis. If you need more extensive and consistent ongoing help, we also have retainer plans where you can get a set amount of availability and help each month for an ongoing monthly fee.