Frequently Asked Questions

Building or upgrading your ecommerce website is a big job. It's also an investment, and we know you probably have more questions about who we are, what we do, and how we work.

About Fuel Made

  • We improve conversion rate, average order value, and lifetime value for ecommerce brands. 

    We do that primarily through the following services:

    1. Shopify Design and Development

    2. Conversion Rate Optimization 

    3. Klaviyo Email and SMS Marketing

    When you work with us you get the personal, devoted attention of our expert team working to help you achieve your goals. As a small team, we choose a select number of projects each year that suit us well. We have honed our systems and processes, and they get results. We have a strong focus on quality, and on doing things right the first time.

    We are Shopify Plus Partners and Klaviyo Master Elite Partners.

  • We have been working with Shopify since 2008, and became a Shopify-exclusive agency in 2010.

    We are one of the original 12 agencies who became designated a Shopify Plus Expert (later renamed a Shopify Plus Partner) in 2016.

  • We are a group of ~20, which means you get very personal service. We're large enough to handle big and important projects, but small enough that you get lots of focused attention.

    We strive to become an extension of your team, focused on your goals with you. When you work with us, you get a senior-level team focused on your project who will guide you through every step of the process.

    Meet our team.

  • Our headquarters are in Washington state, but we are a distributed team scattered primarily across North America, with a couple exceptional team members around the globe.

  • 1. We are laser focused on data-supported approaches that generate a real ROI. (No one cares how fancy your site or emails are if it's not growing your business.) We only take on clients with a realistic opportunity for positive ROI.

    2. We understand that creating exceptional customer experiences is how you’ll grow your business, and we’re really good at nailing that. Learn more about this.

    3. We care around here. A lot. We're here to do work that helps our clients grow, and that we can be proud of. 

    4. You’re going to love who you work with.

  • Absolutely. We work with all Shopify plan types. As experts in all things Shopify, we'll help you understand when or if it makes sense to upgrade to Plus.

About Projects

  • The clients who fit us best have found product-market fit, but have run into growth barriers they need expert help to clear.
    We get excited about optimizing the customer experience to improve conversion and retention, and we’re very good at this.

  • All projects at Fuel Made begin with a paid discovery process where we do the work to learn about your goals, your business, and your customers. We then collaborate with you to define a project designed to meet your goals and budget.

    Once the scope of the project has been defined, we get to work.

    On the Shopify side, it’s creating a data-informed strategy with you, then crafting a UX/UI design to match the strategy, and then developing a highly optimized custom theme to bring it all to life.

    On the email/SMS side, it’s a turnkey solution consisting of strategy, copywriting, design, template development, and setting everything up for you in Klaviyo.

    As each project nears launch we are right by your side through the final stages to ensure a successful launch. Following the launch we continue to partner with most of our clients to provide ongoing growth support and optimization.

  • It depends on the complexity of your needs, and the type of project, but typical website builds take somewhere around 4 to 6 months, initially. Email/SMS engagements typically have a very solid base generating a positive ROI after 4 months.

  • Website engagements generally start around $50,000, and email/SMS engagements start around $28,000. Project costs are spread over the length of a project, and paid on a monthly basis. We’ll help you calculate ROI before we engage! (Our business model is to produce a positive ROI for our clients.)

  • Yes, of course. Launching a new site is often just the start of our partnership. When desired, we’re happy to continue to partner with you after launch on strategic growth initiatives, UX optimization and A/B testing, as well as any maintenance needs that may arise. That said, engaging with us after a project is not required. We don’t build in any dependencies on us.

About Shopify

  • At a minimum, you can expect to pay $2,500 per month, plus transaction fees. 

  • It all depends on your business. We've found that Plus starts to make sense for merchants when they reach around $1-2 million in annual revenue. It's not the revenue that triggers the need, but it's around this mark when the extra support and unique features of Plus start to make it worth the investment for their business.

    Here's an article that dives into these features, and should help you decide whether or not it's worth the leap to Plus.

About Klaviyo

  • The cost of Klaviyo is dependant on how many subscribers you have, so your list will determine how much you’ll be paying.

  • We’ve found Klaviyo to be the best solution for our clients’ needs, and we've helped our clients make a lot of money using it. Klaviyo was built specifically for ecommerce merchants, and we’re confident in its ability to sell more of your products. Its automation and deep segmentation help you target the right customer at the right time with highly personalized content.

    A few features of Klaviyo include: personalized cross-selling/upselling, action-triggered emails, Shopify historical data and revenue attribution, among others.

    Here’s an article that provides an in-depth look at Klaviyo’s capabilities.