Ecosystem Partner Relationships

What follows is a list of all the vendors with whom we here at Fuel Made have a paid partnership. 

We never recommend a brand because we have a paid partnership with them. With the exception of our long-standing partnership with Shopify, revenue from these partnerships represents around 1/4th of 1% of our annual revenue. 

We only recommend a brand if we feel it is the best solution for one of our clients' needs. In every case here we entered into a paid partnership after we found ourselves recommending their product. Entering into a partnership with these vendors strengthens our relationship with them and unlocks a higher level of support, which in turn helps us support our clients. 

At Fuel Made our only interest is our clients' interest. We would never recommend a vendor who provided a solution that wasn't best for them. In addition to being out of step with our values to do so, it would risk our reputation, the trust of our clients, and our business model. This is not something we will do at any price.


Shopify (partner terms)

We have been Shopify Partners since 2008, and exclusive with them since 2010. We recommend Shopify because it is the best ecommerce solution on the web for our clients, and we stand behind that 100%, with hundreds of happy clients who agree.

Klaviyo (partner program)

Search Spring (partner program)

ReCharge (partner program)

Yotpo (partner program)

That's it! This list could be much longer, but we haven't bothered to set up a partnership because it wasn't needed to get our needs met.