Content and Marketing Manager

We're a small, fun, tight-knit remote team focused 100% on building the best ecommerce experiences on the web for our clients. We're engaged in interesting projects for nationally recognized brands, rapidly growing ecommerce startups and lots of folks in between. 

Leading out with an attention to quality and caring about our clients is how we have delighted our clients, and grown our agency. Our quality-driven approach has led to success, and opportunities we couldn’t have imagined.

We are seeking a marketer and writer to join our small team to help us tell our story, expand our reach and grow our opportunities.

The position: You’ll work with directly with company leadership to craft and evolve a marketing plan, and execute on it.

This includes things like:

  • Content creation (writing and editing blog posts, ebooks, worksheets, and other fun stuff we dream up together)
  • Social media content management 
  • Writing email campaigns
  • Writing ads
  • Authoring landing pages
  • Working to craft and promote our brand voice
  • Building and nurturing relationships with key partners
  • Finding creative ways to spread our good will out into the world


  • The key requirement for this position is writing. Writing should be your passion, and your craft. 
  • You should understand the importance of good design, and have an appreciation, and an eye for it. 
  • You should understand what brand is, and how to build it.
  • You should have a mind that seeks opportunities to expand influence, reach new audiences, and engage them. 
  • You should be a quick and eager learner. Lots of reading, learning, questions, and writing should sound interesting and exciting to you. There will be a lot to learn! (We'll help you!)
  • You should be technically adept, able to use technology and marketing tools with ease.
  • You should be optimistic, and have a naturally cheerful outlook about life, and the great exciting frontier before us. (And trust us, it's exciting!).
  • You should be gregarious and eager to connect with others to build and nurture relationships and partnerships in writing, over the phone, video and in person.
  • You should be a good planner, experienced at producing and pushing a well-organized and prioritized plan, making a schedule, and sticking to it. 
  • You should be hungry for personal growth and improvement. You'll have lots of opportunity for that here!
  • You must be superb at self-managing, and proactively working. 

Pluses (but not required!):

  • Ecommerce experience
  • Digital agency experience

Location: You must be located in North America, and live in the Pacific or Mountain time zones available to work regular full time hours to be considered for this position.

This position is closed.