Smart shipping calculator

With geo-location and predictive delivery window

Smart shipping calculator | With geo-location and predictive delivery window

Improve your conversion rate right away.
  • Your customer's location is geolocated automatically. This allows us to tell your shopper the shipping rates to their exact location without them having to tell us their location.
  • Shipping options are automatically pulled from your store admin and follow the rules you have already set up.
  • An arrival estimate is presented to create urgency and answer a top question all shoppers have "How soon will I get it?" (The other question is "How much will it cost to ship?" We answer that too.)
  • We default to geolocation, with the option to use a logged-in user's known address instead.
  • Multi-language support.
  • An admin suite so you can manage everything yourself without touching code.
  • If your customer intends to ship somewhere else they can change the location and get all the same information.
  • The shipping total is dynamically added to the cart total. (Works for free shipping too.)
  • Includes smart lead time calculation, with configurable cutoff time. You can easily configure days of the week you don't ship, as well as any holiday dates (we default to the bank holidays).
  • Includes powerful controls in the admin so more advanced users can further tweak the styles.


What happens after I buy?

You will get an email response from your personal account manager within 1 business day to schedule your installation.

At the scheduled time (typically within one week), we'll install and configure the calculator on your shop and provide training on how to use it with your shop.

Will it work with my store?

At this point, the calculator does not work if you are using carrier-calculated shipping. Otherwise you should be good to go. If we find that for some reason it will not work on your shop, we will refund you 100%. If you are in doubt, please shoot us a quick note to confirm and we'll let you know.

Will it look like it goes with my store?

Yes, we'll make sure it fits nicely with the design on the rest of your store.

Does it work for mobile consumers?

The calculator is responsive to mobile screens (phone and tablet).

Will it work if I'm not in the US?

Yep, it will.

Will it work if I'm on a cart other than Shopify?

Unfortunately no, this is a Shopify-only solution.

What if I offer free shipping?

It will still work great. It will re-confirm to your customer that shipping is free to their exact location, as well as the predicted delivery window, and the prompt (creating urgency) to order within a certain time frame. (Also, if you offer next-day shipping, it will provide the calculation for that.)

What if I have multiple shops?

We charge $500 for each additional shop after your first one. We'll work that out with you after your initial order.

What is geolocation?

Geolocation is a process where we automatically detect the geographic location of your visitor (e.g. their city and state). On the calculator, this means we can tell your visitor what the shipping rates will be to them. 

Integrates seemlessly with your Shopify cart page.