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Elevating this luxury fashion brand by simplifying the overall shopping journey

Lashkaraa Fashion Lashkaraa Fashion
Lashkaraa Fashion Lashkaraa Fashion

The Challenge

Lashkaraa sells beautiful, affordable luxury Indian ethnic wear. With seasonal collections at the heart of their business, we were tasked with creating a site that was flexible enough to support their ever-changing content, while also being easy and intuitive for shoppers to navigate.  

The Approach

Our goal was to fuse Lashkaraa's beautiful visuals with a more organized site structure to make it easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for. We focused their homepage on education, calling out the main benefits of the product, who Lashkaraa is, what they stand for and why visitors should buy from them. 

  • UX design
  • Visual design
  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • Custom Development
  • Experience Optimization (CRO)
Lashkaraa collection page
Lashkaraa collection page


One main goal was to ensure visitors could navigate through the site more intuitively. We updated the navigation to place more emphasis on educational and seasonal content, which has helped to reduce the time shoppers spend searching the site.

With a large assortment of seasonal collections, it was important to create space outside of the homepage to house this content. By highlighting specific collections at the top of key pages, shoppers are given a visual cue straightaway into available items.

When it comes to product pages, we added tighter product descriptions and detailed sizing guidelines to aid shoppers in the decision process and to provide them with enough information to make a decision. 

Engaging photos and video content give visitors a strong sense of what each style brings to the wearer, and social proof also builds trust and gives shoppers an extra push to buy.

Lashkaraa Collection
Lashkaraa Collection

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