Hiring: Business Development & Growth at Shopify Agency

I’m not entirely sure what to call this role, but allow me to do my best to explain it.

Fuel Made is a digital agency in the ecommerce space. We help ecommerce companies grow and we have an incredible 10+ year track record of delivering undeniable value to our clients.

We have an excellent reputation, a long roster of happy clients, and a team that knows what it’s good at and who can deliver at an exceptionally high level.

Until now I (the founder) have been the primary driver of business development and growth. My responsibilities in this area include:

  • Marketing: Creating a marketing plan and executing on it (with some help). We’ve primarily focused on content marketing, and relationship building within the community. All of our leads are currently inbound.
  • Selling: Handling all sales conversations, nurturing leads from initial inquiry to closed sale.
  • Retention: Working with the team on upselling clients into additional offerings and support (once a client works with us, they almost always fall in love and it’s fertile ground to keep delivering value to them).

The opportunity:

I’ve done pretty well with these things to date, but there’s a lot of untapped opportunity and a lot more that could be done by someone who is able to focus on it.

My attention is pulled in too many directions, and I’m looking for someone to do all of the above plus a whole bunch of stuff we dream up together, and ideas that you come up with on your own.

Here’s an incomplete but directionally helpful list of things that you would do in this role.

  • Help us grow intentionally, but not hastily. We don't aim to be the biggest agency in the world. We want to progress in a way that is consistent with our values (which prioritizes people) and allows us to always provide exceptional service to our clients, that we can be proud of.
  • Meet regularly with the team, and especially team leadership and identify ways that we can improve on our marketing, selling and retention.
  • Come up with a marketing plan and execute on it. This includes but is not limited to improving/evolving the following:
    • content marketing
    • social media marketing
    • email marketing (we have a good list started)
    • partnership marketing
    • marketing/selling to existing active clients
    • turning our website into a lead generation machine (incidentally, launching a new version soon)
  • Take sales calls and nurture leads through closing
  • Explore an outbound strategy
  • Explore other acquisition options
  • Retain clients (we have an extraordinary 12.2 month average retention already)

I’d estimate you’d spend 25-30% of your time on selling, and the rest on generating leads/marketing and retention.


  • You have sales experience at a Shopify agency or SaaS selling to brands at $10M+ in GMV. You will be consultatively architecting and selling solutions that fit prospects’ business needs, so you need the experience to be able to do that.
  • You are an exceptionally good writer and communicator
  • You have a marketer’s mind, able to generate ideas, and execute on them
  • You are remarkably and consistently prolific. You are internally self-motivated and ship consistently without a lot of management. This will be your baby to own and grow.

Why work for us?

  • This is not a cutthroat, grow-at-all-costs, Glengarry Glen Ross type of position.
  • We have integrity, we never sell what we can’t deliver, and we deliver what we sell. You will have a world class team backing up what you're selling. You can sell with confidence.
  • You’re never going to be asked to compromise your values, overpromise a client, or make anything up.
  • This is a wholistic position. Yes it’s a sales position, but it’s much more than that - it’s a growth position. If you want to get your hands in every aspect of growth, this might be your dream gig.
  • Your success will be measured on 2 things:
    • Are you working consistent with our values?
    • Are we consistently attracting, closing, and retaining high quality clients as a result of your efforts?
  • This is a key position reporting directly to the CEO where your impact will substantial, and where the work you do will be interesting, meaningful and rewarding.


  • Compensation: we’ll work out an arrangement that suits you and motivates you to do your best work.
  • Retirement help: We add 8-10% of your salary to a 401K, no matching needed.
  • Health, dental, vision, and disability insurance coverage: 100% employee premium coverage.
  • Remote first/only: Enjoy a flexible work schedule, and work from wherever you like. (You must be in North America so we can make time zones and communication work).
  • Vacation: All major holidays, plus 3 weeks paid vacation—which includes the last week of the year—plus 3 personal days.
  • Work/life harmony: We keep work to 40 hour weeks
  • Technology stipend: So you can focus on your work
  • Yearly retreat: Each year (when we're not in a pandemic!) we all gather as a team for a week somewhere fun to connect, learn, and have a lot of fun together (and it’s optional!)
  • Parental leave: So you can take a little time to care about the things that matter most.
  • 5-year bonus: Paid sabbatical + $3,000 US bonus + additional week of PTO going forward
  • The best team you've ever worked with.

If you think this might be a fit for you, please apply.