Learn how Beardbrand 4X-ed their lead capture rate and automated 10% of their monthly revenue with Klaviyo

  1. Their Story

    For the love of beards

    From the start, Beardbrand's vision was to change how society views beardsmen. What started as a community of beard lovers sharing tips on YouTube, quickly grew into a multi-million dollar business creating premium men's grooming products to help beard lovers keep on growing.

  2. The Challenge

    Increase engagement

    Beardbrand is all about maintaining a very close and honest communication with their community members. Yet, while they spent hours forging high-value weekly emails to blast to their list, their email marketing efforts included little automation or personalization.

    The goal was to create triggered emails so personal to each reader they would be excited to open them. Once set up, these automated systems would run on their own, generating revenue without Beardbrand lifting a finger.

  3. The Solution


    Beardbrand turned to segmentation to create hyper-personal email interactions with their beard loving audience.

    We needed to reach each customer at different stages of the sales funnel, to communicate appropriately with first-time visitors, cart abandoners, first-time buyers, and repeat customers. 

Keys to Success

Lead Generation

In order to initiate an engaging conversation with first-time store visitors, Beardbrand had to capture their attention and their emails. We designed an offer meant to appeal specifically to Beardbrand's ideal customer: a set of high-value and free bearding tips, in exchange for their email address.

The result: a 442% increase in lead capture rate (in comparison to their previous footer lead capture).


Turning fresh traffic into buyers

After a new visitor is added to their list, Beardbrand starts the conversation via a Welcome Sequence of emails. Over the next five days, Beardbrand sends highly valuable, education-based emails, teaching visitors how to care for their whiskers and gradually getting them hooked on Beardbrand.

The result: By sharing free education, Beardbrand builds trust and gratitude. It's an opportunity for them to show off their premium products without seeming salesy, while creating a sense of exclusivity. Beardbrand's Welcome Sequence converts up to 8%* of these new leads into customers.

*An average Welcome Sequence converts at around 2.7%


Seal the deal with abandoned carts

There are many reasons for a customer to abandon their cart. Maybe they got distracted, ran into a technical issue, couldn't get their card to work, were surprised by the shipping price, weren't 100% ready to buy... 

We created a 5-step Cart Recovery flow to target all of these different scenarios. This flow offers assistance and makes it easy for a customer to ask for help or return to their cart and finish the purchase. 

The result: By using psychological triggers and sending the right email at the right time, these emails recover 16.5% of all abandoned carts. 

Beardbrand started out with a 7% cart recovery rate from sending a single email. By adding segmentation, personalization and urgency, we boosted their recovered revenue by 235%. 


Increasing loyalty by treating buyers like royalty

After a customer places their order, they receive the royal treatment.

No matter what they order, each Beardbrand customer receives a product specific video with tips and instructions on how to use their new goodies. They later receive personalized product recommendations based on their past purchases. One month after their first purchase - when their beard oil, beard wash, or other products are probably running out - they receive an email to refill in one-click.

The result: A 15% increase in repeat customer rate. Each one of these Post-Purchase emails helps forge a stronger relationship with customers, and increases a customer's lifetime value. Not only do they convert customers into repeat buyers, but they also create loyalty, proving Beardbrand cares about their customers. 



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