5 Quick Tips to Prepare your Store for Christmas

By Laura Kluz | Dec 05, 2017

It’s safe to say the holiday shopping season is now in full swing.

Even though Black Friday is over, shoppers are far from finished. According to the National Retail Federation, a whopping 40 per cent of the season’s sales happen in the 10-days before Christmas.

Now that you’ve already ticked Black Friday off your never-ending to-do list, it’s time to apply what you learned to the next few weeks leading up to Christmas. In the meantime, you can make some additional quick and simple changes to your online store today to capture the most out of the holiday season.

Gift Guide

As shoppers scramble to find a perfect gift, many may feel lost as to what to buy. So why not take advantage of this, and solve their pain by adding a gift guide page to your store?

A gift guide is fairly straightforward and doesn’t take too long to set up. It’s a smart way to target items and suggest them for every type of person.

The most effective (and also, the easiest!) way to set this page up would be to build collections or categories, and then add items within those groups. For example, you can create a “For Him” collection, or a “For Her” collection.

Alternatively, you can sort items into price tiers. “Gifts Under $100” is an easy way to attract customers looking for a quick solution that fits their budget. You’ve even got a chance to highlight your most popular products with a “Best-Seller” collection.

BACtrack Gift Guide

Wish List

The idea of a wish list is simple: customers find a product they want, they tag it and save it for the future to buy (or share it with others to buy it for them!)

One app we recommend is Wishl (Note: like most apps, this isn’t perfect, but it does the trick). It gives some basic functionality, allowing customers to build multiple lists, share their list with others and also includes price-drop tracking.

Another tip: send wishlist email reminders. This is another way to engage customers to convert. Similar to the abandonment cart emails, these remind customers about the items they’ve already expressed interest in and encourages them to make the final step to purchase.

Wishlist reminder emails can also be sent to inform customers an item they put in their wishlist has gone on sale, or to alert them it will soon be sold out.

Handy, right?

Countdown to Christmas

This one is rather simple, but can be extremely practical to convert customers. A “Countdown to Christmas” reminder lets your customers be aware they’ve only got X amount of days left to receive their purchase on time for Christmas.

We typically see merchants add a countdown banner to the top of their website. These countdowns work quite well, as customers tend to react to urgency.

Another tip for your product pages: add a countdown for when a deal will expire.

Live Chat

Live chat is all the rage these days and it’s easy to see the reason. Live chat has been shown to drastically increase conversion rates. When customers are gift shopping, they're typically looking for information fast. Adding a live chat to your homepage is a simple, yet highly-effective way to engage these task-oriented visitors and help them find what they need in a flash. (It’s also a boost to your customer service!).

The trick here is to ensure you tailor your chat to the holidays. Ask customers, “Can I help you find a gift?” or “What type of gift can I help you find?” This encourages customers to engage with your brand, while also allowing you to recommend specific products to them.

We're liking Intercom these days, but there are many options

Email Marketing

With the influx in traffic to your online store during this season, it's the perfect opportunity to collect emails for the future. Email opt-ins are a great way to capture this precious information so you can keep in contact, engage with visitors and turn them into repeat visitors.

Better than the welcome popup, we recommend to add an exit-intent popup. This popup triggers when a visitor shows signs of leaving the store. For example, by moving their cursor outside the browser window. It’s a clever way to recapture your visitors attention, while giving you the opportunity to market to them once the holidays are over. 


Laura Kluz

Laura Kluz

Laura Kluz is a digital marketer at Fuel Made who specializes in the world of ecommerce. She's a Canadian who loves making maple syrup, trail running in the mountains and baking cookies at least once a week.